Your pre-birth shopping list : The essentials to buy before baby’s born

Pre-birth shopping listHaving a baby is by far the most exciting thing to happen for a couple. You can imagine the hustle and bustle that comes along. All family members are running around baby shops to buy and prepare everything for the welcoming of the new family member. It happens very often that a lot of the things you buy turn out useless or excessive, but in the long run there are still some essentials which you definitely cannot omit from the baby shopping list.

1. Comfortable baby clothes and sheets. You might not need to buy an infant bed from the very beginning. More and more mothers prefer that the baby sleeps in their bed. However, you should ensure you have enough baby clothes, to spare time and effort on too much washing up. Do not forget to clean your home before the baby comes and the better option is to hire a domestic cleaning company to sanitize your living area.

2. Breast pump. If you intend to breastfeed your baby, a breast pump is a necessity. It is used for lactation stimulation, and for extracting the extra milk after breastfeeding. It is possible that you never come to use the breast pump, but it is good to have it for your peace of mind.

3. Car seat. You may not buy a pram from the very beginning, but you will definitely need a car seat. Not only since it is required by law in some countries, but because it is actually a very useful thing. You can take the baby for a ride in it, you can actually carry him/her around for a walk in it. You can take it home and let the baby sleep in it as in a cradle. Very handy indeed.

4. Diapers and napkins. There no such things as enough diapers or napkins when a newborn baby is involved. Whether you would use fabric washable diapers or disposable ones, you need to change them hourly from the beginning. In case of any leakage on your mattress or carpet, you should urgently call the carpet cleaners.

Well, the pre- birth shopping list would not be full until you add all the fancy clothes, nice adult-looking baby shoes, or all the colorful and noisy baby toys. But here is where the list comes handy, just throw a baby shower and email the list to your friends. Thus, you can enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy with a piece of mind that everything is ready.

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