Why young people have stopped leaving their home places?

Young people stopped leaving homeIn past, leaving home place was top priority for young people. Sometimes, adolescents even prefer to find an own place to shelter at first and then start growing in the career and making a family. Though, traditions are no longer what they used to be.

Of course, this is normal, but is it normal for your people to stay in their home places till 30s? The opinions may be different, but the reasons for such a trend in contemporary lifestyles are tangible.

See why young people have stopped leaving their home places – is it really only because of the economic collapse or there are other sources of explanation?

  • It is too expensive to have your own place – there is no way to skip this reason. It may be not the only one, but the expensive rents are definitely the first cons that appear in a young person’s mind, when he becomes 23 and the moment for leaving home place has arrived.

  • Independence isn’t so yearned anymore – decades ago freedom and independence were categories that young people have strived for more than for anything else. Of course, today, they are free and independent enough in school and in university. Leaving home does not seem as a dream for a new life anymore.

  • Priorities have changed – career growth is top priority for today’s young people. Moreover – there are hundreds of adolescents, who think that one bachelor education isn’t enough and the time for developing becomes even longer. Taking care of a home, household and moreover – paying money for it – are not as important as reaching a top position in a dreamt company to work in.

  • Birth-rate suffers changes, too – women have started thinking of a child later than the women from past did. In this way, the desire of an own family has also delayed in a later moment. Besides, grandparents have become significant parts of a child’s breeding. Young moms now prefer to have their parents as helpers for the kids – so that is why they still stay at home.

  • Too busy life for pointless cares – things like end of tenancy cleaning, furnishing a home place and taking care of the household are too stressful for young people, who meet new challenges on their ways daily. Why getting more troubles, when the home place is still so welcoming and pleasant?

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