Which are the things you should not clean often at home?

Thnigs you should not clean oftenIf you think that the entire house and each little piece of it need common and constant domestic sanitising, you are wrong! Actually, there are dozens of home items that do not require often washing. Furthermore – there are also things from the living environment that must be really rarely wiped and disinfected! So, if you are asking yourself “Which are the things I should not clean often at home?”, see the answers! Housekeeping has its limits, too:

  • You do not have to polish the chandelier often! It is more risky to take it down regularly! It is better to pick it up 4 times per year, when you do some deeper home disinfection. Use these occasions to brush the chandelier. Besides, materials such as glass and crystal do not like too much scrubbing!
  • You are not obliged to order and dust your library often. Such a chore is a total waste of time. On the other side, at one time you may start forgetting where you situated a particular book the previous time. By the way, to reduce the times for library cleansing, use the vacuuming technique to remove the dust! Nothing else is actually needed!

  • Delicate and decorative rugs are also out of your agenda of household chores. Some materials are almost allergic to carpet cleaning procedures. They shrink and they lose their amazing and fluffy surfaces!

  • You do not have to sanitise often everything that your maid from the professional cleaning company does. Even if the cleaning lady comes only once a week or fortnightly, she gave the house a good treatment already. Why repeating the procedure you have paid for?

  • Walls do not require often rubbing, too. Whether it is about wallpapers, ordinary paint or marble, reduce the wiping procedures to the minimum. It is very possible to damage the walls and then – no cleaning or painting will help!

See? Some things do not enter the endless list of regular cleaning tasks? Relax, after all, everything in your house must be done and maintained by will, but not by some kind of obligation!

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