When ironing and carpeting go wrong

Ironing carpet accidentsNo house subsists without an iron or without the ironing task. Ironing is a part of daily routine and it is usually added to the list of cleaning chores for both – domestic regular tidying up and sanitising plus professional maid’s scheduler in a particular house or flat.

Ironing is connected with the neat outfit and keeping clothes fresh and beautiful. On the other side, bed linens, curtains and kitchen cloths are also ironed for additional effort in making a lovely home atmosphere and superb interior design.

Though, besides being useful and mandatory housekeeping chore, ironing may be also problematic. Sometimes, the iron may cause injuries, burnings and even stains! When ironing and carpeting go wrong, for example, carpets and rugs may be destroyed forever. In better cases, only carpet ironing stains may occur! There is no solution for returning the burnt carpet back, but there is a simple way to remove the ironed carpet stain! Check it out now:

  • First of all, get informed about the fabric of your carpet. There are several materials, which cannot be saved from ironing stains at home and with some ordinary homemade cleaning solutions. For example, acetate, silk, wool, suede and leather carpets will need some professional treatment, if you spoil them with the iron. Contact your local company and get rid of the bad spot on your carpet!

  • For manufactured carpets, we recommend you to make a mixture of lemon juice and some salt. Apply a bit of the liquid over the carpet stain and let it absorb into the fibers. Few minutes are enough, but if you think that the stain is too stubborn, you can make them half an hour. Just don’t go too far with waiting for the absorption, because carpets really don’t like humidity. Eventually, you may get rid of the stain, but cause mould!

  • Rinse the spoilt area with some cold water and then blot finely.

  • Let the carpet dry and then finish with some dry sanitising solution or powder.

  • You can now freshen up your carpet with some deodorising, too!

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