What is better – cleaning on a daily or weekly basis?

Daily or weekly cleaningHave you ever wondered what is better – cleaning on a daily or weekly basis?

Do you have an answer for this housekeeping dilemma or you just do the common tidying up and home refreshing only when you have time, but not when it is necessary? The truth is that there is no definite answer for this topic. Though, there is a big list of advantages and disadvantages for both – house purge once a week and house purge once a day!

Check it out and find out what is better for your own home place now:

  • A busy (or a single) woman can afford to sanitise her house rarely. The professional obligations and the lack of personal responsibilities for kids or family she has give her the right to tidy up once a week! Using her free time or making the weekend a relaxing day for both – her appearance and her domestic environment – gives the chance for a better time management.

  • On the other side, a home with small kids or pets, definitely require some harder and more frequent approach into hygiene preservation. A bacteria-free living area should be provided and the daily tasks must be always executed. Furthermore – a dog or a cat gives rise to more chores such as hair and bad odour removal, vacuuming and steam sanitising!

  • Regular domestic cleaning on a daily basis saves you more time! The more seldomly you disinfect your house, the more difficult it becomes every time you overtake some home refreshment. On the contrary – if you spend at least 30 minutes per day in wiping, washing and hoovering, eventually your house will acquire a permanent neat and stylish view!

  • Think in advance! Ponder over the fact that if you do housekeeping on a weekly basis, you will do it more deeply than if it is on a daily basis. This means that more frequent top-to-bottom household chores will be done. In future, when an post lease cleaning or seasonal refreshment is needed, half of the tasks will be completed beforehand!

  • If you use professional cleaning services, a weekly schedule is more recommended. It will cost you less and it will have better results! No maid will endeavour that much in tidying up a house, if she knows that the next day she will come here again!

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