Watering the plants during the summer holidays

Watering the plants during the summer holidaysThe usual and most reliable way to take care of your favorite plants, when you are away from home is just to entrust your keys to someone who will come to water them. We do not always have someone to undertake this task and have to look for other solutions. So, in order to successfully survive our absence, the flowers need primarily of water. This requires:

  • Finding ways to provide water without human assistance. There are many different automated systems, but since we are talking about home, we will pay more attention to improvised ways. They are indispensable, when we are out of home more than three weeks.

  • Preparation of the plant in several steps. In most cases it can save us a significant effort and expenses. First it is necessary to put down the plants from sills, because the stronger the light, the harder the moisture evaporates. Unfortunately this will reduce their growth and possibly their leaves may turn yellow, but they will not be burned by the sun.

  • It is better to put flowers far from the window, all close together to keep each other’s moisture, and even better in a general container – a plastic tub or bathtub for children. At the bottom we can put a thick layer of coarse sand or ceramist and then soak it with water. On this basis, we arrange pots without plates to allow thirsty plants to obtain the necessary moisture and thus to withstand our return. The only drawback of this method is that it leads to easy spread of pests. By the way, taking care of your potted plants is crucial now. When it comes to your end of tenancy cleaning London, you can arrange it when you come back from the vacation (in case it’s not too late).

  • Additional protection for the most hygrophytes and delicate plants is “The lid” of cellophane. In individual transparent envelopes you have to cover the entire aboveground part of the plant not to lose a drop of moisture. However, this method is not suitable for plants with fleshy leaves. Share this technique with your carpet cleaners London, they will be thankful.

Take a good care for your plants before going on a summer holiday!

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