Wanna lose some weight – do your chores

Wanna lose some weight – do your chores  Do you want to lose some weight? If yes, you probably try to find the key in the strict diets or in doing sports. Maybe in both of them? You give the best of you and this is great. Ok, there is nothing wrong with sports, if you don’t overdo it. But a diet doesn’t mean starving and you should remember this.

  What is its real purpose is to eat carefully and “right”. This means to make right food combinations and follow some specific “rules”. This way you will not damage your health. With some patience, you will succeed, for sure.

  In addition to all existing methods for getting slimmer, we would tell you something – doing your household chores is really helpful, too. Scientists have proven it and they have calculated how many calories you lose while doing any of your duties. No matter how tedious or pleasant they are for you – these routine activities are very effective. Here is how many calories you burn, while maintaining your home clean and tidy (the numbers are approximate):

  • Cleaning the toilet and the bathroom – 15 minutes – 90 calories;

  • Sweeping the floor with a broom – one hour – 153 calories;

  • Carpet cleaning – 20 minutes – 70 calories;

  • Washing the floor with a MOP-30 minutes-187 calories;

  • Washing windows – inside and out – half an hour – 167 calories;

  • Arrange your closet – depends on the size – about 85 calories;

  • Wiping of dust – deprives us from about 173, 6 calories;

  • Working in the garden – burns about 287, 8 calories.

According to these statements, we can conclude that 30-minute cleanup helps you to get rid of around 119 calories. If you live in a larger apartment or house, it will even provide you a better opportunity to maintain a good body. Another benefit of sanitising is that it will tighten the muscles of the hands.

In this recent research, scientists haven’t forgotten the male part of mankind. Even if men do chores rarely, there are some which are suitable for them. For example:

  • Washing the car – 234 calories;

  • Chopping wood – 415, 5 calories.

A previous research on the “Discovery Channel” shows a popular tendency nowadays – people massively use disinfecting as therapy against stress. They claim that it makes them feel more confident – like they have assumed a control over their lives. 40% of the volunteers are already addicted to sanitising.

Another research says that the average British woman spends 16 hours a week tidying up her home. These are nearly 2 hours and 23 minutes daily. Translated into numbers – 600 calories, lost for a day! Why don’t you try it, too?

Doing your domestic cleaning, will make your home shiny and neat, it will reduce stress and help you to lose some calories – isn’t it just awesome?

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