Vinegar In The Cleaning

Vinegar In The CleaningVinegar is an essential substance, used generally as cooking ingredient. But do you know that vinegar could be in help while cleaning your bathroom, the kitchen sink or the windows?

Actually vinegar is a non-toxic, natural, mild acid, produced through fermentation of ethanol by acid acetic bacteria.

Thanks to its strong antibacterial characteristics vinegar is known as environmentally-friendly solution of many cleaning issues in your home. In this regard I’m about to give you some really useful ideas how to clean with vinegar.

Firstly, for your own comfort, you need a spray bottle to pour in the vinegar . It’s much more easier to use it that way. Some people prefer using pure vinegar, others combine ½ water and ½ vinegar, depending on what surface and material you clean.

Indeed, as a household cleaner vinegar could be so widely used and here I’m giving you only the most interesting ways.

  • To remove bad odor in the kitchen sink – pour in a cup or more vinegar.

  • To keep ants away, spray along the angles of the counters and the sink.

  • To clean all the kitchen surfaces – counters, stove tops, refrigerators.

  • To remove coffee and tea stains from china – use a mixture of vinegar and salt.

  • Against the mold in your bathroom – spray the affected areas with vinegar and after an hour wipe away.

  • To clean the toilet bowl, pour in some pure vinegar, let it stay for several hours, and then scrub with the toilet brush.

  • To clean windows, spray with mixture of half vinegar, half water and they will shine.

  • To remove stains on your carpet – try combination of vinegar and baking soda, leave the soaked stain for while and then scrub with a sponge.

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