Useful tips how to get musty smells out of books

Reducing smells from booksStoring your favorite books in inappropriate way or place can cause distinct and unpleasant musty smell. And for a passionate book fan and keeper the possibility of ruining the good condition of the books could be a really big problem. Fortunately reducing the bad odours from your books is quite simple process if you follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Keep your books in  dry places – must usually arises from high humidity which provides ideal conditions for growth of mold, bacteria and fungus. So you should be really careful when you choose the book storage place – watch out for damp and moldy walls. Also, clean the book shelves with a soft towel when you do the regular home cleaning. If the storage area is prone to leaks or dampness- think of alternative book storage in containers and put silica gel sachets there.

  • Do not store your books on the floor, if you have lack of free space. The dust and mildew might transfer to your carpet and professional carpet cleaning specialists help will be needed.

  • Use dryer sheets – place dryer sheets inside the book – between every 20 pages. Then put the book in a zipper bag and keep it that way a few days. The dryer sheets should have removed entirely the bad smells from the book.

  • Try to apply some baking soda – just put a cup full of bread soda inside a plastic container along with it place the books. Close it and leave that way for 48-72 hours. Check and repeat the steps until the musty smell is totally gone. Another method, including baking soda is to spread a little from this substance between the pages of the books – between every 10 or 15 pages and after that just leave the books open in a sunny place for few days. Turn the pages often. This method is, however, not good solution for books prone to page yellowing or brittleness, so be careful.

Ultimately, remember – every single book is a little treasure, keep it safe and take care of it!

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