Upholstery Cleaning in 10 minutes – Is It Possible?

Quick upholstery cleaning tipsIf you want to prolong the life of your luxurious upholstery, then you need to provide it superb sanitising and refreshment treatment. However, these delicate pieces of furniture might be harsh to be handled – especially if you are not aware of the right technique for doing so. Moreover – sometimes, the upholstery cleaning London is too harsh and long-lasting procedure and, unfortunately, most of us just do not have enough time to overtake it. But here`s one secret we can tell you – upholstery cleaning London can actually be done in 10 minutes? Yes, it is possible and now you are going to find out how to do so in your own home, too!First of all, equip yourself with the right tools. You will need a decent vacuum cleaner, few clean white cloths, a bit dishwashing soap with delicate components and no toxins, a small bucket filled with lukewarm water and a gentle brush. Mix the water with the detergent. Then, pre-treat the upholstery with the vacuum cleaner (you can split a little bit of ammonia for a deodorizing effect in advance).

  • Then, spray the mixture with a spray bottle, let the furniture aside for few minutes and treat it with the vacuum cleaner again. These are only 10 minutes of work and your upholstery is back to its primary awesome condition – with awesome aroma, bright colours and hygienic surface, so you can be 100% sure that your family lives in a safe and eco-friendly living space. Your end of tenancy cleaners may also cope with this task.

  • Keep in mind that another amazing option you have to clean the upholstery for less than a quarter of hour is to call the local professional sofa cleaners London. They usually bring the necessary equipment, so you can save some time of the shopping procedure and even relax, while the experts do their job.

Note that some delicate upholstery – especially those types that are made of natural materials – should be better maintained with professional sofa cleaning London cleaning services!

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