Top myths about food additives

Top myths about food additivesHealthy nutrition has caused a lot of buzz lately. It turned out that people started caring what they put in their mouth more and more. This is definitely a good thing. However, the bad thing is that people use internet for resources and information. And we all know that in difference to the old books, the web can also spread lots of lies and incorrect facts. This refers to food additives, too. Check out our specially tailored list. It shows the top myths about food additives:

  • All food additives are harmful. First of all, read a common definition for the term “food additive”. Doing so, you will find that this ingredient in food is usually used for cultivating, safer transportation and better product look and taste providing. To give a simple example. Whey in milk is food additive. It has been used for centuries. And it is harmless at all.

  • All big commercial food manufacturers use food additives. Probably yes. And probably almost each of this company has a big list of such ingredients. Though, it is not a guarantee that if a company is big, it uses chemical or organic additives. It’s like the cleaning companies. You might know that each of them provides the traditional end of rental cleaning. Though, you cannot be 100% sure, right?

  • Food additives cause cancer. Some of them are really harmless. Though, these additives can cause you cancer independently by any other factor, if you consume them in volumes.

  • You can prevent food additives by eating fresh foods only. There is a big myth that all processed foods are evil, while every tomato you see in the store is super healthy. Well, first of all some of these vegetables are grown with food additives. Second of all, not each processed food need food additives.

  • Food additives are all chemical and bad. No, they aren’t all bad. And no – they aren’t all synthetic. To tell you the truth, those strong deep carpet treatment products might be healthier than many foods. On the other side, there are plenty of “cooked” fast foods, which are worse than the fouled air in London!

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