Top landlord’s claims about the hygiene

People are different and landlords are so different in their pretentions that you can never be fully prepared for a traditional life on rent. Though, experts have pointed the most common wishes that a landlord may have, when it comes to the property maintenance. To be honest with you, some of them are really odd. Though, the rest of them are quite traditional and your own landlord will definitely want you to perform the following chores. So, are you ready to see the top landlord’s claims about the hygiene? Check them and know what you will deal with in case you are about to rent a house for a permanent living environment:

  • Occasional checks on the overall property hygiene. It includes regular visitations that most of the tenants – especially young people – hate at most. Though, an owner has the right to see if everything with his property is ok, so do not become rude, when your landlord comes on your front door.
  • Sanitising that verges on home improvements. It is good to be prudent about keeping the entire property in a nice condition. Though, sometimes the landlords go too far by requiring from you to increase the standard housekeeping. They want you to re-install the floor surface, for instance, in case the old linoleum is no longer easy to be disinfected and wiped.
  • Regular home cleaning with particular solutions. Some landlords will want you to wash the upholstery with specific modern machines that are contemporary enough not to ruin the fine living room sets or the original armchairs. Other landlords are keen on some special detergents – usually eco-friendly or expensive ones – and they will not let you cleanse the windows with some other products.
  • Hiring professional end of rental cleaners. The worst case is when a landlord makes you do for the pre-cleansing procedure – meaning, the previous bachelor did not disinfect the premises before the removal and now you have to do it. Most of these services are not that costly, but, if someone obliges you with them, it is not very pleasant.

We wish you luck with finding both – a decent tenement for living and a friendly landlord for a long-term collaboration. Both things matter!

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