Things That Impact Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Factors that increase risk of breast cancerOne from nine women is to be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Yet there are risks and risks that put one women in the critical zone of hazardous for cancer.

  1. Fat and obese women have 30% to 60% more chance of developing breast cancer, then fit or underweight women. The reason for that is the higher levels of estrogen. The more fat the more estrogen, the more probability for cells to mutate into cancer ones.

  2. Also the increase of the skirt size after the twenties. Weight that is gained around the center of a female body can also increase the chance of developing cancer.

  3. Fitness and workout can not only keep you healthy and fit, but will help the body break estrogen and fight back cancer risks easier.

  4. Alcohol units, and especially the alcohol intake in between the first period and the first pregnancy increases the risk to unknown levels. It is not only that but falling to that habit  even after this period is not recommended. The body too needs cleaning out of alcohol. Even the carpet cleaners know that.

  5. Following a healthy diet with cutting down the red-meat and increasing the intake of Cauliflower or Brussels sprouts, carrots is very useful. All foods that lower blood pressure and break estrogen are highly recommended. Try that in your diet. It will be some kind of domestic cleaning, but not for your house, but for your body.

  6. Gene mutations warn that women that have these bad genes carry the risk to a whole of 90%.

  7. Family history – if the woman has a first relationship relative with that disease, then the risk she has it is inevitable.

Whatever the risk might be a strict doctor’s visit every 6 months should be a necessity.

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