The Mayor’s Thames Festival – the world ‘meets’ London

The Mayor’s Thames FestivalIf you have to think about any symbols of London, then you could name a lot of examples. After all, there is so much to see in the British capital. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben…Whatever you say, we know that Thames River will be on the list. It has been separating the city on northern and southern part for centuries. Nowadays, there is a special programme of events, dedicated to the river: the Mayor’s Thames Festival! It is held annually and attracts thousands of people from all around the world. This year only, the festival won’t last just a few days, but a whole month! Find out more about the Mayor’s Thames Festival 2014:

  • When and where the Mayor’s Thames Festival will take place – The grand opening is on 1st September. The festival will be held on all 42 London miles of Thames, between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge, at the heart of London;

  • Since its launching in 1997, The Mayor’s Thames Festival has become the biggest outdoor event on the London calendar. Why is it so attractive? Well, we think the keyword is ‘variety’. The programme is about music, arts, community festivals… or to put it simply: there is something for everyone. Don’t miss the pyrotechnical shows, exhibitions, circus, illuminations, food and feast! All of them will catch your attention. Not to mention the river-linked events such as colourful regattas and exciting river races;

  • The highlight of The Mayor’s Thames Festival 2014 is going to be the so-called multi-coloured Night Procession. A great number of costumed performers will be gathered at the south and north shores of the River Thames. After that, a spectacular fireworks display will follow them and will light up the sky with the colours of the festival. Definitely, the show will be second to none;

The good news is that attending it is absolutely free and the entertainment for you is guaranteed. Celebrate London, celebrate Thames River!


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