The benefits and disadvantages of hiring professional cleaning services

Benefits and disadvantages

There are reasons why to hire professional cleaning services, as well as other reasons why not to hire them. Let’s look closer at the most common benefits and disadvantages of using house cleaning services.


  1. Expenses. We have to admit, cleaning by yourself is free. When you hire someone for your cleaning, be it regular or one off, you have to pay them. And when your hard earned money go to someone else’s pocket, well… you can’t be happy about it.
  2. Strangers in your home. That’s right, cleaning maids are strangers. They are not members of the family, they are not close friends… Many of them are foreigners and barely speak English. They might be criminals or something. For your piece of mind, we have to say that the cleaners, who apply for a job in any agency, are being police and references checked. However, there’s a chance to run into someone with really bad personality.
  3. Security. Have you ever turned back home to check if you have locked the door? Now imagine these concerns, when someone else is in charge of locking the door.
  4. Compromised privacy. Everybody has a personal space and feels discomfort when it is encroached. Your maid will clean your entire home, which means that she will have access to everything in there, your drawers and even your PC.


  1. Extra time and energy. How many hours do you spend every week in dusting, hoovering, mopping, wiping and scrubbing? I bet you can use these hours to do something more pleasant. At least you can have a rest coming home, knowing that your house is clean.
  2. Experience and speed of performance. Professional cleaners are trained in the proper use of different products and tools. Considering that cleaning is what they do for a living, we can assume that they have performed hundreds of cleaning services and know their job well. Which leads to better organizing and faster performance.
  3. Professional equipment. Professional cleaners have access to professional equipment. This is especially important when it comes to specialized cleaning services.
  4. Replacement in case of illness. Cleaning service companies have many employees, so they have available cleaners to cover any sickness or holiday.
  5. Discount for regular customers. When you use their cleaning services for a while, most of the companies offer a discount or a free of charge service.
  6. Allergen-free home. Cleaning services include sanitation and disinfecting, especially when it comes to fabrics, such as carpets, sofas, curtains and mattresses. This brings asthma and allergies relief and a healthy environment.
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