Textile wallpapers – design and maintenance ideas

Textile wallpapers maintenanceComing straight from the 60s and 70s the textile wallpaper designs are still on fashion! No matter how old-fashioned it looks and sounds to you in the first place, the retro textile wallpaper appearance is both – stylish and truly convenient.

Playing yes an important role of the world in wall adornments, the textile wallpapers are maybe the decors that miss in your sweet, but not so great and attractive home place. Inspire yourself for some home improvements and redecorations, and learn more about the design and maintenance ideas for textile wallpapers:

  • Large multitude of materials and collaborations – of course, you may prefer the natural materials more than the artificial conceptions. Having laid cotton, silk, felt, linen, raffia or feathers on the wall is awesome. However, you can always match these textiles with artificial textiles and have brilliant wall decoration conception at home!

  • Preparation for textile wallpaper installation – it is absolutely the same technique for installation you know from the ordinary wallpapers. Though, it is very important to remember that textile wallpapers should be placed on a perfectly smooth and faultless area. Make sure there are no holes or breakages on the wall, because once you install the textile adorning, they will appear even more unpleasantly.

  • Maintenance – the best part of the textile wallpapers is that they are easy to be sanitised and preserved for longer. You can simply vacuum the textile-styled wall with an ordinary vacuum machine or a mobile vacuum-cleaner. Use ordinary washing detergent for laundry to remove spots and bad odor.

  • Matching – match the textile wallpapers in a room with the floor surface and the main accents. Textile wall adorning can be simply combined with the carpets, too. By the way, use the same disinfection and beautifying techniques for the textile wallpapers, which you usually use in carpet cleaning at home.

  • Popular designs – the abundance of patterns, images and color schemes is large. You can pick up some stunning textile wallpaper with floral conception or some vanguard, eccentric and abstract theme.
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