Teach your child to accept “No” for answer

Teach your child to accept "No" for answerBeing a parent is a very hard and even impossible at times. The lack of sleep, the constant worry and the fact that you do not seem to have your time, nor your body to yourself is frustrating enough. Having an infant at home not only changes your routine, but becomes your priority for the rest of your life.

As time goes by and the kid starts growing he/she needs to be introduced into this world. The boundaries need to be set firm and never overstepped. It is easier to say it as to actually do it. Here are some advices that you might find helpful at times like that;

  • When you say NO, do not let it be the last word in the sentence. You have to realise (if you have not already come to that conclusion) that children think and comprehend differently. The very last word in a sentence is going to be the very first they hear.  If there is no explanation following, kids will automatically reject the answer and demand what they want.

  • Say in a positive way. As absurd as it sounds this has better effect for both parent and child. Should you reject do it with a proposal for a substitute. For example, “you cannot play with the detergents, but you can help with the window cleaning to see what they are used for.”

  • Show the reason. It is good to explain, but better to show what the outcome of a forbidden deed is. You can use this example as to remind the child that nothing goes without reason.

  • Kneel in front of the child when you want him/her to listen. Always go down to kid’s level as to show you are no superior, but equal and thus ensure his/her attention.

  • Sometimes it feels impossible to do things simultaneously, like steam carpet cleaning and keeping the kid out of the room. In such cases instead of stressing on what is NOT to be done, think of a game to be played. For example- “If you look for a nice place to hide, while I count to ten, I promise you fun playtime”.

There is no single solution of how to get your kid to understand that the word No actually means NO. Yet, there are ways to assure he/she will grasp the idea of the meaning.

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