Tap Or Bottled Water?

Tap or bottled water is better regulatedMost people are accustomed to think that bottled water is preferable compared to tap water. Well, there are certainly areas and places where tap water is really undrinkable and not good even for bathing and washing. In this case you should look for alternatives. But is this always necessary? What are the disadvantages and advantages of both kinds of water? Here are our tips:

  • Scientists found that bottled water is checked far less often than the tap water and the probability for it to get infected and become a source of infection is greater.

  • On the other hand, the control of tap water is a strong and rigorous inspection regime. Manufacturers of bottled water are required to examine the water once a month, though some do it more often.

  • Tap water contains traces of chlorine, which prevents the spread of bacteria. Once sealed, the bottles are stored for months and contain no disinfecting additives. Once the bottle is opened, that disrupts its sterility.

  • Nowadays you can clear the tap water from the chlorine, which is considered harmful to health. The most affordable option for you are filtering pitchers. They require no installation and are easy and comfortable to use. In other words, they are an investment that is definitely worth it – however, you invest in your health. If it comes to the filters, they can be changed quickly and easily, and you can find them in every major supermarket – you can ask even your end of tenancy cleaners London.

  • Not all bottled water is mineral. They are divided into spring, mineral and prepared water. The first two are supplied by nature, and the third is further processed. Some waters are with high mineralisation and are suitable for the treatment of various diseases. You need a medical advice to drink it longer. If the water contains minerals below 500 mg/l, then it is suitable for long-term use, but also you have to alternate with tap, spring or mineral water sometimes.

  • If you don’t prefer tap water for drinking, then you can still use it for washing and respectively sanitising at home. Upholstery cleaning London will be less expensive if you prepare your clearing solutions with the help of tap water.

Pure spring water is the best means of quenching the thirst, only that finding it is not always possible. Constant drinking of mineral water has a risk for health, because your body can accumulate more minerals at the expense of the other. That’s why doctors recommend alternating different kinds of water.

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