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6 fun spring activities

Funny spring activitiesSpring is in the air. This lovely season is a personification of a new life growing. All living creatures feel great in spring. Birds are singing, flowers are blossoming. How do you find spring season, are you ready for freshness and new emotions?

Probably your vivid imagination draws green fields with fresh grass, similar to Tom Jones’ “green, green grass of home”. Open your mind for regenerating thoughts and some healthy dreaming!

How do you intend to spend your leisure time when the weather outside is so predisposing for funny activities? Check out these entertaining ideas and choose for yourself: Continue reading

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Wash and refresh the carpets in spring cleaning

Spring carpet cleaningSpring season is the most appropriate period of time for refreshing and general cleaning at home.

The beginning of the new life and nature awaking may not go without some extra special and classical preparation at home.

Furthermore – spring is the right time for cleaning some specific parts or details of your home interior that you have forgotten and skipped during the cold days.

Wash and refresh the carpets in spring cleaning!

Professional, consultants, and cleaning agents strongly recommend spring season as the most appropriate period of the year for Carpet Cleaning. Read why you should revive the floor area and floor covers in March, April or May:

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Some interesting statistics on cleaning

Statistics on cleaningAt the university one of the most detested disciplines by the students is statistics. It is so boring and full of numbers and graphics. But in the real world statistics shows us really interesting facts of which you’ve never thought.

You think statistics deals only with GBP, unemployment, migration and other economic trends. So you will be really surprised to find out that actually statistics is related to house cleaning as well.

There are number of surveys, carried out by universities or institutes on cleaning in all of its forms.

They reveal some really useful and sometimes surprising information which I am about to generalize below: Continue reading

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Easter holiday cleaning

Easter holiday cleaningSpring cleaning is one of the toughest, but also one of the most important activities you have to perform, in order to start this season anew. The Easter holidays are just not the same without a thorough spring cleaning beforehand.

Picture yourself gathering with your family together around the dinner table. Now picture the interior being messy and ugly…

Are you comfortable with it? Of course, not! That’s why you need to think about a thorough cleaning right away, Easter is almost here.

If you don’t have enough time to do it yourself, save up some money and hire a professional cleaning company to help you out. Continue reading

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