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How to decorate oddly-shaped walls

Decorate wallsAdding any decorative accessories on the wall such as paintings, panels, mirrors and wall bracket lamps definitely makes the interior unique. But speaking of walls, let us ask ourselves the following question: should they look alike?! We don’t think so. Maybe that is why oddly-shaped walls exist. Here are some ideas on how to decorate them: Continue reading

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Billiard table in your large living room – why not?

Billiard table in your large living roomHave you ever dreamt for a billiard room? Of course, you have – who hasn’t? The idea of having a special recreational room where you can put a pool table and enjoy your hobby is really amazing. Unfortunately most of us do not have a spare room in their homes.  But do not worry, if you really want something, you can have it. So why don’t you install your dream pool table in your living room? Some people would think that is absolutely crazy thing to do but if you have living room which is spacious enough and you adore playing pool with your friends – you should definitely do it. Continue reading

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Natural decorations from stones and rocks

Natural decorations from stones and rocksNot once you had a chance to convince yourself in the creative miracle of the nature. It’s not living creatures that are meant here, sometimes things simple as river rocks and blue sky are amazing enough. There are many ways to incorporate these in your everyday life and in the decoration of your home adding from the big wild unique world of the natural forms to your “kingdom”. They can find place not only as building material or pavement, they can be accessories, chairs or tables, art pieces, etc. Continue reading

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Home Interior Trends – 2013

Home interior trends 2013According to the leading interior consultants, the current trends in home furnishing for 2013 will keep incorporating natural component in the indoor environment like wood, stone, wool, cotton, bamboo, etc.

An interesting combination between tradition and fashion will be imposed, involving all the shapes, fabrics and colors. As most trendy colors for walls, floors and upholstery will be identified the blue, green, orange, red, and of course, the eternal white, gray and black.

The wallpapers will stay in earth tones, but even bolder colors will have a tribute, such as turquoise and purple in all their shades. Floral motives and geometric shapes from the 60’s will be a total hit. Embossed wallpapers will be preferred for being visually very attractive. Continue reading

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