Super disinfection in end of tenancy cleaning

Super disinfection in end of tenancy cleaningIn end of tenancy cleaning tenants are obliged to perform super sanitising with super disinfecting equipment in order to achieve super effect – super home place for the new tenants! According to the experts, tenants usually forget some of the specific household chores in this thorough, comprehensive and top-to-bottom cleaning operation! So, let’s name them now – sanitising, upholstery refreshment, floor mopping, overall bedroom cleaning and bathroom sterilising! Oh, no! See? We have forgotten one very essential household chore from the end of lease sanitising, too!

Can you name it? Of course – the disinfection part! Super disinfection is also important, because healthy living environment is top priority for lessees! Check out the following pieces of advice now and manage the disinfecting chore in the moving out sanitising properly:

  • Disinfect the kitchen – instead of oven cleaning and degreasing the entire area, you should also remove the germs from the floor by hoovering and mopping! Don’t forget to wipe the windows and to sanitise the trash area! Bacteria here are really a lot!

  • Disinfect the bathroom – rub the tiles and the gaps! Deodorise the premise and wash the furniture from the inside and from the outside! Make sure the toilet seat is shining and no sign of dirtiness is on display! Use strong detergents and repeat some of the procedures, if you have to!

  • Solutions for disinfection in the removal sanitising may be both – commercial and eco-friendly! We recommend you the natural products, because too many toxins in the house may be harmful! After all, you will disinfect the entire house, so don’t encumber it with bad and noxious vapors!

  • Disinfect the mattresses in the bedroom and check for dust mites! It is already late to reduce the dust for eliminating the bad bugs! Though, you can spray some poison against them! Contact professionals and ask for pieces of advice, if it is required!

  • Accents in disinfection – sinks, recycle bins, drains, pipes, corners in the premises, hard to reach places, door handles and light switches, electric gadgets and the basement!

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