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Carpet stain removalCarpet cleaning at home is usually connected with dry or steam washing, drying and laying Scotchgard protector. However, there is a moment during the Carpet Cleaning operation that can make it harder and more complex and difficult.

This happens, when the carpet or the rug is covered with stains and greasy spots. Dust and microbes can be easily vacuumed in daily or regular cleaning, though, Carpet Stain Removal demands knowledge and information about techniques and methods.

It is always better if you kill the stain immediately, however, sometimes the old spot on the carpet appears unexpectedly during the One Off Cleaning or the Spring Cleaning. You must be aware that specific stains require specific methods for Carpet Cleaning.

  • Coffee – use a mixture of one tablespoon mild cleaning detergent, ten drops of vinegar, and a quart of warm water. Apply without rubbing and leave it to dry. Repeat the procedure and then vacuum.

  • Red wine – pour some club soda and sponge repeatedly. If you have no club soda at home, use the traditional Stain Removal technique – salt and vigorous vacuuming.

  • Ink – the large amount of resins, oils, and solvents in the ink component makes it hard to remove the stain from the carpet immediately. Use some cloth with hair spray on it and blot it to absorb the in. You can also try with nail polish remover or with some dish wash detergent and tea tree oil drops.

  • Rust – Oxalic acid or cleaning universal cleaning detergent with hydrofluoric acid may cope with stain easily and efficiently.

  • Lipstick – dear ladies, be careful, while you are making up your face, because the only method for lipstick removal from your carpet or rug is ammonia – and you must have already known how badly it smells and how awful headache it causes.

  • Blood – cold water only and no soaking. If the stain is too stubborn, use baking soda and vinegar for double cleaning of your carpet.

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