Some interesting statistics on cleaning

Statistics on cleaningAt the university one of the most detested disciplines by the students is statistics. It is so boring and full of numbers and graphics. But in the real world statistics shows us really interesting facts of which you’ve never thought.

You think statistics deals only with GBP, unemployment, migration and other economic trends. So you will be really surprised to find out that actually statistics is related to house cleaning as well.

There are number of surveys, carried out by universities or institutes on cleaning in all of its forms.

They reveal some really useful and sometimes surprising information which I am about to generalize below:

  • The eternal question: Who does more chores at home ? The answer : 50% of women do the daily housework, compared to only 20% of male

  • 47% of couples argue who has to do the house cleaning

  • 25% of men say they can’t clean better than their mate, no matter what the task

  • 69% of people, buying green cleaning products point the reason – “ sense of personality responsible”

  • 68% of interviewed people have negative feeling about the thought of spring cleaning

  • 63% of the respondents say that it takes them almost a week to do the annual spring cleaning

  • From one bacteria cell can breed another 8 million for less than 24 hours

  • Your bed is the place where live over 10,000 dust mites that can cause asthma and lots of other allergies

But if you still not interested in statistics even if it’s fun, and just want someone professional to clean your home instead of you – visit our site.


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