Some advice on home cleaning for workaholics love your job… You think you cannot live without your job…You sometimes even identify yourself with your job! Well, this totally means that you are a workaholic.

That is not a problem – it is a good thing to be so enthusiastic and happy that you have found something you love doing.

However, in this way you leave behind some of your other responsibilities and one of them is to clean your home regularly.

If you haven’t been doing that for a while, one day you will see how neglected and uncultivated your home actually is and you will definitely not be proud of yourself.

It is also very embarrassing to have unexpected guests at the very moment you are home for the past couple of weeks.

Looking at the mess would only make you and your guests feel awkward. That’s why you should find some time to clean, even though this might not be one of your favourite things to do and you would rather sit on your desk at work.

It is high time you started taking care of your home and preparing yourself for unexpected visits, because the older we get the more frequent they will be.

Cleaning is not an absolutely mandatory thing to do every single day, but cleaning thoroughly once or twice every two weeks, and cleaning partially every week is not such a pain. If you really don’t want to do anything else but work, there are cleaning companies in London, who will definately offer you good terms, prices and services.

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