Sell your home in winter – mission possible

Sell your home in winter - mission possibleMany people think, that it’s much harder to sell your home in winter months than in summer and spring, for instance. Practice shows that it’s not the whole truth. Think a little bit – events like growing family or new job happen all the time. So, just follow our tips and your home will become an attractive purchase in winter:

  • Begin with your exterior. You have to make sure that your home looks well-cared for with minor repairs taken care of and eavestroughs clean. It’s pretty clear, that you can’t paint your house in winter, but in a mild day washing paintwork and siding with warm soapy water is achievable. Pay attention to the windows too! They must be freshly washed.

  • Decorate the entryway. A welcoming entry may be achieved by different means – a wreath on the front door is a good idea. You can also plant urns with wonderful greenery. Tuck in twigs of holly, cedar or pine boughs, some magnolia leaves, dried berries or corkscrew hazel – there are so many marvellous options. You can ask the professional office cleaners for advice. They may help you a lot, don’t you think?

  • First impression is essential. Once a potential customer comes inside your sweet home, remember that you have no more than 10-15 minutes to impress him. In case the building is unoccupied, don’t forget to turn the heat on, because a freezing home will stave off visitors.

  • Don’t forget to protect the floors. Putting down rubber mats in front of the door in order to keep your floors from snowy boots is recommended. You can also purchase several pairs of comfy one-size-fits-all slippers for future visitors to use while they examine your house. Do we need to remind you that carpet sanitising must be flawlessly performed in advance?

Don’t hesitate to follow these simple rules so you can sell your home more easily in winter months. Good luck!

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