Save money in eco-friendly manner

Eco-friendly lifestyleDo you wonder how to stop the leaks in your budget? Are you worried for the environment? We’ll try to give you some tips and ideas to reduce what you’re spending both in money and in resources. Probably you have taken some measures but what else can you do?

  • Start with the electricity – unplug everything when you go out – PCs, TVs and so on (not the fridge of course) – more than half of the electricity that appliances use is during turn off mode. You may also invest in smart power strip to shut the power of the things you don’t use. If you live in a house you can plant trees north of the home to reduce wind impact on it, south to keep cool in summer. Also you can think of solar panels to replace your electricity supplier – wholly or partly.

  • Heating and cooling – insulate your home – air leaks cost a lot both to you and the nature because it takes more time for the air conditioner to heat or cool the place. Also use curtains to reduce the light and heat in summer. Replace the filters of your air conditioner, heat-pump or furnace regularly – this will improve their efficiency (the same is true for the PC).

  • Water flow – turn it off while you brush your teeth or while you soap the dishes. Do laundry and dish washing only with full machine. Use adjustable shower head to reduce the wastes. Regularly check for leaks (this can save you 140 gallons per week).

  • Greenery – you can have your own flower, vegetable and herb garden – the benefits spread from less money spend in the supermarket through better room air to quality food on your table. You can also start compost pile – less garbage plus natural fertiliser.

  • Clean smartdomestic cleaning is one of the most time, energy and resources consuming activity. Use durable microfiber duster and cloth napkins instead of paper ones and cleaning fluid. You may get surprised but some old recipes from grandmother’s notebook are more effective when it comes to stain removing than expensive cleaning substances.

  • Start recycling – not everything can be used only one way: old ragged T-shirts can become cleaning cloth, look around for recoating of old pans and pots, it’s much cheaper than buying new ones. Some appliances and furniture are worth repairing, it’s cheaper than replacing.

  • Host garage sale in American manner – if you have decided to get rid of some of your old stuff or you want to move out and you don’t want to take everything with you, arrange garage sale, this can free you of the extra luggage and less work will be left for the end of lease cleaners.

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