Reuse the old glass vessels by getting rid of their labels

Reuse the old vesselsYou all must have old glass vessels and you all must be wondering what to do with them. Other people, though, have no jars or glass bottles at home at all, because they just toss them. Mostly, housekeepers cannot find any new usage for the bottles and the jars because of their sticky labels. Of course, this can be truly understood, because any craftsman project with a nice retro Provincial jar cannot be so attractive if a label of a wine trademark or the list of the ingredients in the vegetable oil is on display. On the other side, we are here to prove you that the reuse of the old glass vessels can be a lot of fun and a lot of savings for you! As a bonus, you will be explained how to remove the sticky labels from the jars and bottles. The method is eco-friendly and you do not need any special chemical detergents. It is also quite easy, so you do not need to be professional cleaners to perform it!

  • What you need: one big enough bowl to cover the jar or the bottle, dishwashing soap (better a mild one), hot water, sponge, clean cloth and white vinegar.

  • Let’s get started! Firstly, put the jar or the bottle into the bowl. Then, submerge the vessel with enough water. Remove parts of the sticky labels of the vessels and then proceed with the boiling water. Pour hot water into the bowl and then add some dishwashing soap. This is the moment, when the simple magic happens! The high-temperature water melts the sticky labels, while the detergent releases the paper from the glass!

  • Get the jar or the bottle out of the bowl and start scrubbing with the sponge. The last pieces of the labels will be out of the vessel now. Rinse with some cold water and see if something sticky is still on the glass surface. Finally, get the clean cloth and dry finely.

  • As a super final result, you may shine the jar or the bottle with 2 or 3 tablespoons of white vinegar! Your super new storage solution or decoration idea will shine bright like a diamond! You must know this amazing ability of the white vinegar. After all, it is one of the best helpers in the regular domestic cleaning.

  • What to do with the jar or bottle – include it in your adorning DIY project or collect spices, rice or other kitchen products here. You can even use an old jar for storing your homemade bad odor removal for your carpet cleaning process! It is up to you!

Use your imagination and use the old things at home to make your life simpler and nicer!

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