Real Christmas tree and bugs – true story

Real Christmas tree and bugsChristmas holidays are on their way and you have to make one important decision, concerning the Christmas tree. You will have one, right? Would you rely on fake or on real Christmas tree, what do you think? In case you choose the real tree, you have to know that there is a risk from unwanted and potentially hazardous pests. These bugs may enter your home via the tree. Learn more about that and avoid some unwanted danger and unpleasant happenings:

  • Every Christmas tree may shelter various insects, mites or even spiders. Some of these bugs are inactive during frosty Winter season, but exposed on warm room temperature, they can waken up. Perhaps most bugs will stay harboured on the tree, but others will be attracted by sources of light like windows, for instance.

  • Averting entering of these “pests” into your sweet home is the best plan for you. Mechanical tree shakers, that are accessible at some stores, are very useful in order to remove some nasty insects from the tree. Just as the local end of lease cleaners will tidy up your rented property, you have the right to take some serious actions to chase all these unwanted renters away.

  • Mightily shaking the tree before bringing it into your dwelling will serve the same purpose. In addition, this vigorous shaking will also get you rid of some loose needles. Do this jerky jolting and make your regular cleaning routine much easier! Think in advance and be a provident housekeeper. Thus, you will save lots of efforts and precious time.

  • Whatever you undertake, keep in mind that control of these temporary and unpleasant invaders must be restricted to non-chemical means and methods. Remember that all those aerosol insect sprays are strongly flammable, so they must not under any circumstances, be sprinkled on your natural Christmas tree.

So, do you still crave for a real Christmas tree? What do you think? What about your kids, do they love natural Christmas trees more than fake ones?


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