Professional tips for easy cooking

Professional tips for easy cookingHow is restaurant menu made? How chefs manage to cook so tasty for so many people? How they pick the best products? These are questions that many housewives ask. Here are a couple of their secrets:

  • Recipe reading. Before practicing, cooks spend a lot of time reading. Carefully read the recipe that you want to cook and check if you have all needed products and utensils. Some of them can be replaced but others are essential and without them you’ll probably cook different meal and not the one you are reading about.

  • Cook in steps. Break your meals in simple stages: pile the potatoes, fry the onion and so on. All these steps will make you see how complicated indeed is one “simple” dish. Also you will develop different ways to do all of these things. Cross every operation while you are cooking and you will feel the satisfaction of well done job.

  • Devote. When you cook, cook. Don’t clean, talk on the phone or watch TV. Leave the cleaning to the maids. Talk to your friends when the meal is already ready and watch TV when your work is over. Concentration and devotion to one task is very important in activities like cooking where abilities meet knowledge and senses.

  • Quantity is important. To avoid too much leftovers from different meats, vegetables or fruits, some cooks make day or week menu around one main ingredient. Try the same at home even if you live alone. Once baked beef roast for example can be added to different vegetable meals or can be used in variety of sandwiches without losing its flavor.

  • Sauce for minutes. Use leftover sauce from weekend meals to make tasty dishes during the week. Freeze the left sauce in ice cube forms. When you need sauce, just warm it up in a pan with cover to avoid splashes around the kitchen. Window cleaning is not a complicated task, but some fatty sauces can leave awful marks on your walls.

Secrets of the cooks are like the secrets of the magicians. If the world knows them, they won’t be secrets anymore. Practice, it’s the biggest of all. Try and try and learn how it’s been done before you, only this way you’ll be able to cook something new one day.

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