Preventive measures for carpets

Preventive measures for carpetsCarpet Cleaning is obligatory cleaning task. Adding it to your daily routine schedule or putting it on a pedestal, when it comes to deep and thorough cleaning operations such as Spring Cleaning or Tenancy Cleaning is a sign of good home hygiene. Meanwhile, freshness and beauty in your home are guaranteed! On the other side, too often carpet treatment is not recommended, either.

It is as bad as leaving the carpets dirty and in the lurch. Scrubbing too many stains or applying too much of cleaning detergent, when the situation is really for your rug, leads to dinginess and irreversible effects.

To reduce the frequency of Carpet Cleaning you can better make some preventive measures. Taking care of your carpets and rugs finely and constantly is also recommended for people, who are not eager to pay lot of money for professional cleaning services. After all – everything needs permanent cares and stable maintenance if you want it to last longer! So do carpets!

  • Vacuuming with average speed and rate of the cleaning machine. Twice a week, but not on maximum!

  • Scotchgard Protector – innovative carpet cleaning solution that prevents dirtiness and dust to be attracted by the fibers. The extra additional layer gives an extra additional support for your clean, lovely and hygienic carpet!

  • Using walk-off mats – wise resolution in case you have dog at home or your kids are still little and love making mischiefs.

  • Walking without shoes at home – shoes and people bring the biggest part of dirtiness at home. Sometimes, this grime is full of bacteria and microbes! Get rid of this bad habit for the sake of your own health and your carpet condition!

  • Protect your carpets from heavy objects on them – they make the fibres more pervious to dust, dirtiness and tears. Don’t expose the rugs on sunlight, either, because they may lose their colours!

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