Prepare a detailed checklist before the repairs

Prepare a detailed checklist before the repairsRenovation is a homeowner’s nightmare. No matter how much you like changes, renovation is frustrating and a bit scary process with a lot of things that can go wrong. You can control it of course… in some extend and then when say “Start”, all you can do is to hope that everything will be fine. A couple of things set as list can get you through this process a bit smoother. Check them out:

  • Make a table – pre-work saves from emergencies in 50 percent of the cases. Draw a column with your hopes, another with your needs and when you are in the process already and you need to make a choice, you will know what you can’t give up. Follow your priorities.

  • Set a budget. Try to make some predictions (not with fortune teller) how much funds you will need. Check the prices on the market (building materials, price of services) and when you sit and talk with the contractor you will have idea how much is the average price of your project. This is good starting point, but plan some extra finances for emergencies.

  • Set timeline. According to your personal calendar and the seasons choose time in which your renovation should be finished. Of course plan a couple of days extra, because the bigger the renovation, the more time you envisage.

  • Investigate contractors’ market. It’s not a question of pure luck, ask friends, colleagues, neighbours about the people who have done their renovation. Browse the market for different offers and compare prices, no one says you should hire first company in the phonebook. The same is with the carpet cleaning specialists you will need in the end.

  • Read the small letters. Take good care of the paperwork, if possible talk to a lawyer about the possible unsatisfying results. If the contractor is good at the job, probably he can provide you with guarantees about term and quality of his work. See if there are some assurances for you. The same should be for him.

  • Your place. Determine a place to stay for you, your family and pets. Hotel, at friends or in isolated part of the home. Make sure you have everything you need – clean clothes, appliances and things to fill your leisure time and collect energy for the big home cleaning that is coming.

Take a deep breath before giving green light to the project. Start thinking positively about it and try to stress yourself as less as possible.

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