Practice Of Business Acquaintance

Good practices of business etiquetteExcited for an interview for a job or for an important business meeting in your career? In both cases you only have one chance to make a positive impression – during the acquaintance. Here are some details of which you should pay attention to achieve success:

  • Your business cards. It is not for the little card with the name and contacts, but for your appearance. It must be credible in your professional qualities. Therefore nothing should distract your interlocutor of the conversation as colorful clothes, extravagant jewelry, strong perfume or intrusive makeup. Even if this is the style that expresses your personality, try during this first meeting, to be more restrained. Your domestic cleaners Balham also follow this rule.

  • The best option for this event has always been and remains a business suit in neutral tones, minimum amount of cosmetics, lightest, subtle perfume and the absence of “natural flavors.” Do not forget to pay attention to your hands. Often recruitment staff makes psychological portraits of candidates according to barely noticeable at first glance details. For example chewed nails talk about emotional instability and peeling nail polish – for forgetfulness and lack of organization. Another key detail is fresh breath. Yet don’t chew a gum during the meeting and try to get rid of it on time.

  • It is most difficult in this important moment for you to be able to behave naturally and without embarrassment. Strong emotions lead to inadequate reactions and excessive sweating. Keep this in mind and take precautions no matter if the topic will be end of tenancy cleaning Greenwich or something else.

  • Go to the meeting 15 minutes earlier than agreed. This will give you time to check once again your documents, hairstyle, makeup and set the wave of business before the interview.

Remember, that first impression is very important! It will be difficult to change it.

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