Save money in eco-friendly manner

Eco-friendly lifestyleDo you wonder how to stop the leaks in your budget? Are you worried for the environment? We’ll try to give you some tips and ideas to reduce what you’re spending both in money and in resources. Probably you have taken some measures but what else can you do?

  • Start with the electricity – unplug everything when you go out – PCs, TVs and so on (not the fridge of course) – more than half of the electricity that appliances use is during turn off mode. You may also invest in smart power strip to shut the power of the things you don’t use. If you live in a house you can plant trees north of the home to reduce wind impact on it, south to keep cool in summer. Also you can think of solar panels to replace your electricity supplier – wholly or partly. Continue reading

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Perfectly refreshed and sanitised upholstery by using Esprit Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Leather upholstery cleaningDo you have leather upholstery at home? How do you maintain its impeccable appearance? If you find it difficult to answer this question, then you have a problem. The lack of appropriate cares may cause a shabby look of your favourite sofa or armchair. The secret is professional upholstery cleaning. This reviving procedure will eliminate the dust mites and the embedded soil. The fabric will be left perfectly sanitised and refreshed. Continue reading

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Extraordinary uses of oatmeal

Uses of oatmealA bowl full of oatmeal, sesame seeds and dark chocolate is the perfect start of your morning. It is extremely good for your health, easy to make and everybody loves oatmeal breakfast. But are you aware of the fact that the breakfast super food has much more benefits, regarding even cleaning and beauty care. You do not believe it – check the extraordinary uses of oatmeal below: Continue reading

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Moving out checklist

Moving out checklistWhen you are going to move out, it is always helpful to have a plan. Here comes our step-by-step timeline. Check it out:

  1. You have to start organising the moving two months ago.

  • Go through each room of your home and think about what you will get rid of and what you’ll keep. Decide if any items will need extra insurance coverage or special packing; Continue reading
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Cleaning can be fun, too!

Floor cleaning Continue reading

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Useful tips how to get musty smells out of books

Reducing smells from booksStoring your favorite books in inappropriate way or place can cause distinct and unpleasant musty smell. And for a passionate book fan and keeper the possibility of ruining the good condition of the books could be a really big problem. Fortunately reducing the bad odours from your books is quite simple process if you follow the tips mentioned below. Continue reading

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Reuse the old glass vessels by getting rid of their labels

Reuse the old vesselsYou all must have old glass vessels and you all must be wondering what to do with them. Other people, though, have no jars or glass bottles at home at all, because they just toss them. Mostly, housekeepers cannot find any new usage for the bottles and the jars because of their sticky labels. Of course, this can be truly understood, because any craftsman project with a nice retro Provincial jar cannot be so attractive if a label of a wine trademark or the list of the ingredients in the vegetable oil is on display. On the other side, we are here to prove you that the reuse of the old glass vessels can be a lot of fun and a lot of savings for you! As a bonus, you will be explained how to remove the sticky labels from the jars and bottles. The method is eco-friendly and you do not need any special chemical detergents. It is also quite easy, so you do not need to be professional cleaners to perform it! Continue reading

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Top landlord’s claims about the hygiene

People are different and landlords are so different in their pretentions that you can never be fully prepared for a traditional life on rent. Though, experts have pointed the most common wishes that a landlord may have, when it comes to the property maintenance. To be honest with you, some of them are really odd. Though, the rest of them are quite traditional and your own landlord will definitely want you to perform the following chores. So, are you ready to see the top landlord’s claims about the hygiene? Check them and know what you will deal with in case you are about to rent a house for a permanent living environment: Continue reading

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Sanitise your carpet without even sweating!

Sanitise your carpet without sweatingThere comes a time for the carpet, when ordinary cleansing solutions we perform every day or at least twice per week just do not work. Of course, the regular refreshment and maintenance are really beneficial for any type of rug – whether it is a synthetic or natural one – but they are just not enough. A carpet requires some serious support and sophisticated treatment once in a while, too. If you do not know how to do it or you are just worrying about the time that such a procedure will take, see our super tips right now! They will help you sanitise your carpet without even sweating: Continue reading

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Blender cleanup with no efforts or expensive products

Blender cleanupBlender is a super kitchen gadget! You can use for amazing sauce preparation, when you cook a warm meal for a cold winter dinner or for a cooling off healthy smoothie in summer. The multifunctional nature of blender makes it a significant part of the kitchen supplies. It is a super all-purpose machine and it could be good to have it forever. Maintaining your blender is not difficult, at all. The only harsh job is to sanitise it comprehensively. Otherwise, you will permanently leave miniature pieces of food inside the blender mechanism. Continue reading

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