Billiard table in your large living room – why not?

Billiard table in your large living roomHave you ever dreamt for a billiard room? Of course, you have – who hasn’t? The idea of having a special recreational room where you can put a pool table and enjoy your hobby is really amazing. Unfortunately most of us do not have a spare room in their homes.  But do not worry, if you really want something, you can have it. So why don’t you install your dream pool table in your living room? Some people would think that is absolutely crazy thing to do but if you have living room which is spacious enough and you adore playing pool with your friends – you should definitely do it. Continue reading

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The Mayor’s Thames Festival – the world ‘meets’ London

The Mayor’s Thames FestivalIf you have to think about any symbols of London, then you could name a lot of examples. After all, there is so much to see in the British capital. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben…Whatever you say, we know that Thames River will be on the list. It has been separating the city on northern and southern part for centuries. Nowadays, there is a special programme of events, dedicated to the river: the Mayor’s Thames Festival! It is held annually and attracts thousands of people from all around the world. This year only, the festival won’t last just a few days, but a whole month! Find out more about the Mayor’s Thames Festival 2014: Continue reading

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The challenge of assembling modular home

Modular housingThere are innovations in all spheres of our life. In architecture and home constructing new and new ways are found to make establishing new home easier. The tendencies are mainly aimed to give you safe, eco friendly home quickly and without additional expenses and issues. One of the new options that you have if you want new house are the modular homes. What are they and what makes them different from the classical and not so classical houses? Continue reading

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Find the most appropriate place for your sports trophies

Find the most appropriate place for your sports trophiesHaving a sport career or just still keeping the college sports achievement as the most sincere memory in your heart is really impressive and admirable. Sport is great and probably, humanity will never give up from it. It inspires, it disciplines and it just makes our lives more reasonable and full of value. Never forget your sports successes – it does not matter on what scale they were! On the contrary – find the most appropriate place for your sports trophies at home! Here are our helpful ideas: Continue reading

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How to achieve the bedroom of your dreams?

Bedroom decorating ideasBack in the days, when you were just a little girl or a romance-inspired teenager, you have imagined your bedroom as chapels from a modern fairy tale of a princess. Today, though, the reality is so different and the premise, where you sleep, has nothing in common to your old dreams. Probably, it is the limited budget or the stress that kills your last desire for some home redecorating, which makes your bedroom look like hell! You can correct this mistake and achieve the bedroom of your dreams.

Follow our tips – easy, budget-friendly and creative – and live your childhood’s dreams now: Continue reading

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Should I clean during the summer vacation?

Should I clean during the summer vacationYes, you should! As any other time during the year, the vacation is also important for the domestic hygiene. Besides, this is the period, when you cannot excuse yourself from your household chores due to your busy office day or the tiredness. Naturally, vacation is mostly for resting, but neglecting your house entirely could be a huge mistake! So, yes – you should clean during the vacation! See more details about it now: Continue reading

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Cleaning up antifreeze

Cleaning up antifreezeAntifreeze is harmful substance, that is toxic and if ingested can cause serious health problems to humans and pets. There are two kinds of antifreeze: ethylene glycol (greenish-yellow in colour, sweet in flavour) and propylene glycol (pink or orange and less toxic). It happens sometimes person to spill antifreeze and cleaning it fast is of great importance. Check out our tips how to do it:

  1. Restricted area. In the garage, on the patio or at home, try to keep pets and children away from the spilled until you clean it.

  2. Absorb it. Pour sand, kitty litter or another absorbing material, let it absorb as much antifreeze as possible. Continue reading

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Prepare a detailed checklist before the repairs

Prepare a detailed checklist before the repairsRenovation is a homeowner’s nightmare. No matter how much you like changes, renovation is frustrating and a bit scary process with a lot of things that can go wrong. You can control it of course… in some extend and then when say “Start”, all you can do is to hope that everything will be fine. A couple of things set as list can get you through this process a bit smoother. Check them out: Continue reading

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Natural decorations from stones and rocks

Natural decorations from stones and rocksNot once you had a chance to convince yourself in the creative miracle of the nature. It’s not living creatures that are meant here, sometimes things simple as river rocks and blue sky are amazing enough. There are many ways to incorporate these in your everyday life and in the decoration of your home adding from the big wild unique world of the natural forms to your “kingdom”. They can find place not only as building material or pavement, they can be accessories, chairs or tables, art pieces, etc. Continue reading

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Carpet materials from the past and their hygienic maintenance

Carpet materialsThe first carpets appeared in Asia. Later, the famous across the entire world Turkish and Persian carpets advanced even more. Today, the global carpeting industry has been registering a new comeback of the rug as a main element in a room. The past few decades were quite hard for the carpets since people started preferring simpler and more minimalistic house arrangements. Well, this mania is gone now and carpets – Thank God – are again accepted as the most beautiful addition in the interior design. But let’s go back once again and examine the carpet materials from past and their maintenance philosophy. As everything in this world comes back again on the wheel of time, the old-fashioned rug fibres may also appear. It could be good to be prepared for their treatment in advance, right? Continue reading

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