Home Interior Trends – 2013

Home interior trends 2013According to the leading interior consultants, the current trends in home furnishing for 2013 will keep incorporating natural component in the indoor environment like wood, stone, wool, cotton, bamboo, etc.

An interesting combination between tradition and fashion will be imposed, involving all the shapes, fabrics and colors. As most trendy colors for walls, floors and upholstery will be identified the blue, green, orange, red, and of course, the eternal white, gray and black.

The wallpapers will stay in earth tones, but even bolder colors will have a tribute, such as turquoise and purple in all their shades. Floral motives and geometric shapes from the 60’s will be a total hit. Embossed wallpapers will be preferred for being visually very attractive. Continue reading

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Oven cleaning tips

Oven cleaning tips

Oven with steam clean
For mild to moderate soiling, put a ceramic bowl filled with water in the still warm oven. Wait an hour, then the dirt can simply wiped with a damp cloth.

Oven cleaning with shaving cream

For mild to moderate soiling, use shaving cream instead of oven cleaner spray in the oven.

Depending on how dirty the oven is, leave it for half an hour or two. It cost less than the an oven cleaner and just as effective.

Continue reading

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My carpet is so dirty! Testimonial

Carpet cleaning By House Cleaning London Ltd.“ I cannot believe how dirty my carpet was… We moved the couch and we saw its real color, I almost forgot it it was light gray… Today most of it is dark grey- almost black… I can’t believe that my children used to play on this carpet. I feel so ashamed.”

Amanda 36 years old

Really – if you do not remember the true color of your carpet – you do have a problem…

Sometimes the products you buy from the nearest store don’t really help you clean the carpet thoroughly and dirt stays in, no matter what you do. In this case you definitely need professional help. Continue reading

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9 Cleaning Tips You’d Wish You Knew Earlier

Cleaning Tips1. Dust your blinds. Close tight the blinds and wipe them up and down with a dryer sheet. It will create an antistatic “shield” that will stop dust building up for a while.
2. Cleaning mirrors and windows. To clean the glass surfaces at home, use coffee filters instead of paper towels. They are cheaper and more efficient, since they leave no lint or streaks.
3. Clean the bathroom. An eco-friendly, cheap and powerful cleaning solution is a mix of plain water and white vinegar. Spray your bathroom from top to bottom. It kills the mould, absorbs the musty smell, and shines the bathroom ware. The smell of vinegar will disappear in an hour or so.
4. Use a pumice stone on your oven. A moistened pumice stone will work up miracle on your dirty oven, better than any spray or chemical. Continue reading

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The benefits and disadvantages of hiring professional cleaning services

Benefits and disadvantages

There are reasons why to hire professional cleaning services, as well as other reasons why not to hire them. Let’s look closer at the most common benefits and disadvantages of using house cleaning services.


  1. Expenses. We have to admit, cleaning by yourself is free. When you hire someone for your cleaning, be it regular or one off, you have to pay them. And when your hard earned money go to someone else’s pocket, well… you can’t be happy about it.
  2. Strangers in your home. That’s right, cleaning maids are strangers. They are not members of the family, they are not close friends… Continue reading
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Some advice on home cleaning for workaholics

https://www.housecleaninglondon.co.uk/You love your job… You think you cannot live without your job…You sometimes even identify yourself with your job! Well, this totally means that you are a workaholic.

That is not a problem – it is a good thing to be so enthusiastic and happy that you have found something you love doing.

However, in this way you leave behind some of your other responsibilities and one of them is to clean your home regularly.

If you haven’t been doing that for a while, one day you will see how neglected and uncultivated your home actually is and you will definitely not be proud of yourself. Continue reading

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Carpet cleaning – everyday or once a week

Carpet cleaning LondonThere are lots of people who are wondering if they should let their children play on the carpet, due to the fact that it is one of the dirtiest places in the house. Moreover you can’t really see how dirty it actually is, until you start washing it.

 Carpet cleaning can be a bit of a problem for many households.

People really want to know how often they have to clean the carpets in order for them to be safe for children to play on.

First of all, it is very important to know what kind of domestic habits you have.

For instance, do you walk around your house with your shoes on? If you do so, then don’t expect the carpet to be very clean. Continue reading

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I don’t have to be a professional maid to have a clean home

http://www.housecleaninglondon.co.uk/The title of this article should be a motto for everyone who wants to have a clean house, but believes that a clean home is “mission impossible” for the average person, who is not a professional cleaner.

 Now, let’s knock out that myth right away.

You do not have to be a professional maid in order to clean your house the way you want to.

All you need to have is some extra time to find out the right cleaning supplies and to start a thorough cleaning session.

Of course, those who are a little more advanced, can even set up a schedule and thoroughly clean their home regularly. Continue reading

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