Original ideas to cool off in summer

Original ideas to cool off in summerSummer may be fun and full of awesome and positive moments, but you have to admit – summer has its weak points, too! The heat, probably, is the worst thing in summer season. Of course, some people enjoy basking on the sun for hours and sweating with a Mojito in their hands, but other fear sunlight as hell!

Furthermore – some people are even allergic to sun and they even feel unwell or sick because of the heat! The only saving for them is the air conditioner or the ventilation system! However, these cooling gadgets are both – expensive and difficult to be maintained. The air conditioner, for instance, takes really harsh struggles to be cleaned and disinfected. The ventilations system is so hard to be disinfected that usually people call the professional cleaning services, because they can’t cope with the cleaning chore. On the other side, there are several ways for you to cool off in summer with these modern gadgets! See some really original ideas:

  • Become more tropical – play the role of a person, who lives in a tropical country. To cool off in summer they usually wear linen clothes. On the other hand, doing the laundry with these types of clothes is very easy! They don’t need some special detergent or some contemporary cleaning technique! Just make sure you are good in ironing, because linen textile crumples easily.

  • Cool the pulse point as you’re a little kid with high temperature – compresses with wet towels work! Do the same by cooling off your wrists or your entire head under the sink. But please, do it after sanitising the sink!

  • Stick to vegetarian menu! Forget about greasy and fatty dishes. Plus – you will save a lot of time by skipping the degreasing part in the kitchen! Oven sanitising can be also postponed, if you replace frying with fresh salads!

  • Feed and drink to sweat – such a technique to cool off in summer, though, will increase the needed time for doing the laundry! Though, Arabian and Indian people believe that hot tea and spicy meals, which makes you sweat, actually works perfectly in coping with the heat!

  • Build up a cover anywhere you usually stay – old curtains, which couldn’t be saved with some professional curtains cleaning, are perfect for penthouse in the garden, for example!

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