Neat and clean is not enough – see wise home tips from a pro fragrance expert!

Home tips from a pro fragrance expertGood for you in case you are able to protect your home from bacteria and provide your family a healthy and splendid environment. You are total winner in the housekeeping contest, if you are strict to your housekeeping checklist! But there is a big chance for you to forget something very important – the smell of your house.

If something looks wonderful, but smells not that nice, is it really great and perfect? Probably not and a famous fragrance expert claims that this may become a huge problem for your domestic atmosphere.

Read about this topic and learn her pro tips for a super aromatic addition to the neat and fresh living space:

  • What is the fragrance, when it comes to domestic hygiene? – simply, it is an accessory. Imagine the best outfit you want to wear on a fabulous night party. Do you think a beautiful dress is enough, if no jewel is picked up to it? Same is with the home environment, too!

  • What is better – candles or diffusers? Our fragrance professional claims that both are equally great, but the best effect can be achieved only by combining them. Candles absorb the bad odour quickly from the kitchen air, but diffusers preserve the constant level of freshness. You can set them up and forget about them – they will maintain the aromatic flavour constantly!

  • Every room requires a specific aroma. Just like every premise interior suits to different carpet. We choose rugs according to the function of the room, right? Ok, we also consider the fact of easy carpet treatment and maintenance, too! Though, matching is the key element in home arrangement.

  • Bathroom needs sophisticated aromatic treatment. When you do your regular domestic cleaning here, use natural detergents that provide some nice smelling, too. The double result will definitely surprise you nicely!

  • Are the sprays and commercial deodorisers harmful? Some of them may be so. However, if you use them on occasion, no side effects will be caused to you or to someone of your family. By the way, house cleaning experts use very drastic deodorisers, when they finish the sanitising procedure. However, they minimise the toxic effect by airing the rooms for a couple of hours after and before spraying!

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