Natural decorations from stones and rocks

Natural decorations from stones and rocksNot once you had a chance to convince yourself in the creative miracle of the nature. It’s not living creatures that are meant here, sometimes things simple as river rocks and blue sky are amazing enough. There are many ways to incorporate these in your everyday life and in the decoration of your home adding from the big wild unique world of the natural forms to your “kingdom”. They can find place not only as building material or pavement, they can be accessories, chairs or tables, art pieces, etc.

  1. Candlesticks – use one bigger flat rock as base and a couple of little ones as surrounding to outline the place of the candle. You can use similar in shape and coloration stones or different, this will make your “product” a little eclectical but still stylish.

  2. Outdoor furniture – stone is durable and fits perfectly for every outdoor space. Bench, table or stool can be with strange shapes of stone in the bottom, you will only need to smoother the upper surface and to add some cushions for the seats.

  3. Homemade spa – you can have bathroom mat made of little pebbles. You can make it from smaller stone mats available in the garden centers. They will help you connect your city home with the vivid energy of the nature. Ask for advice the local dry carpet cleaners how to maintain them and be careful during vacuuming not to break your hoover with accidentally unglued piece.

  4. Flower beds covering – stones can serve as partition between the water and the flowerbed on the window ledge. There are two benefits of such thing: you won’t water directly over the plant’s roots risking harming them and when it’s raining your sills or windows will remain clear without splashes.

  5. Accessories – there are different things you can see around the shops made of stones – doorstops, figurines, ashtrays, bookends, etc. If you are keen on DIY try to collect or buy different stones and see what you can do with your own imagination. During your post tenancy cleaning, these accessories can turn into handy weights to press and help lifting. Their purposes are innumerable.

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