Make a total purge for happy life

Happy life Everyone wants to be happy, but only few can actually achieve it. They say happiness isn’t a destination, but an entire journey. Finding the harmony in life and thinking positive may sound easy, but eventually all of you start to believe that happiness is inside a human. Isn’t it time for you to consider this, too? Start with something really simple. Make a total purge for happy life.

 Expel all of the necessary things, feelings, relationships and thoughts! Clear up your life and start being nothing else, but simply happy:

  • Throw out the regrets – there is nothing worse that living in a constant asking “What if…”. It is much better, if you start making more risks, but not being sorry for some moments or actions from past.

  • Expel the unnecessary people – it may sound a bit rude, but staying away from spongers, ingrates and people, who have hurt and left you is better than directing your entire energy into thinking of them day by day. Look around there are so many great, loving and honest people around you! Haven’t you forgotten them?

  • Clean your home – this is actually the best motivating and cheerful activity to put a beginning of your spiritual purge in life! Making some movements and helping yourself for a future moving out in advance is superb!

  • Reduce the needless things – there are several personal belongings in your home that are actually absolutely pointless and abusive! Prefer a book than a video game, select the music instead of TV shows, choose walking around the nature and reduce the noisy commercial bars!

  • Forget GMOs and unwholesome food – start eating natural and organic food! A person is what he or she eats. Nutrition with craps won’t make you positive, harmonious or kind! It will just make you ill, clumsy and depressed!

  • Cleanse your mind – who says that career is the only mission a person has in life? Stop being a robot and pay attention on the small beautiful things in life! The real beauty isn’t in money, big purchases and professional success! The real beauty is in people’s smiles, love and kindness!

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