Living under the rainbow – colourful design inspiration

Living under the rainbow So many times we hear how we shouldn’t overdo with colours. It has been repeated so many times that people are afraid to experiment and to incorporate colourful ideas in their home designs. Indeed one designer from United Kingdom decides that this trend is already in the past and creates the project “Rainbow House”. Look how he incorporated the colours and how you can use them in your home:

  • Matching outlook. Don’t think that all the colour has been kept for inside, a house like this should stand out not only as interior but also as exterior. The entry door and the outside of the first floor walls are painted in extraordinary pattern in black and two shades of blue – one bright and one royal. It is separated from the second floor’s wall with wide white strip which gives rather sharper look and underlines the bricks and white window frames.

  • Staircase to heaven. Most of the house’s interior is white which makes post tenancy cleaning quite challenging task. But the accent that goes through the whole house is the staircase. It is not only a spiral in glass tube but is also separated in areas and painted in all possible colours with the subsequent of the shades of the rainbow. You can do the same with your own staircase no matter of its shape. If it is visible both from upside and under it, don’t forget to pain the lower part with the same colour as the upper. This will create beautiful intriguing focal point.
  • Master bedroom with view. The bed is put of turning platform which allows you to turn it to the window or toward the inside of the house depending on your desires. Quite extraordinary, right?!
  • Painted wooden floors. Instead of using natural wood the designer Rogers has chosen to paint the floors. But don’t think he gave it up fully – the pattern of the parquet flooring has been drawn on the ground and filled with unusual colours like white, blue, a couple of shades of purple and orange. Only in the living area he has chosen the pattern of black flowers on yellow background. All this made the assistance of dry carpet cleaners unnecessary, because there are no carpets in the house (of course, if the future tenants don’t bring any).

This house with its strange colours and furniture resembles playground for grownups. Did you get inspired to try out any of these ideas?

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