Key elements during the removal cleaning

Removal cleaning tips  Removal is a huge event in everyone’s life. Whether you have just bought your first own house or you are changing for a third or fourth time your tenement, removal is usually the same. Plus, no removal process goes without some harsh cleaning part. Some of the removals come with even two sanitising procedures – pre tenancy cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. Moving out disinfecting in tenant’s life is usually called end of lease contract sanitising.

  In both cases, your sterilising skills and your personal knowledge in housekeeping science are tested and put on examination. The assessment you accept is associated with the rental deposit you give in advance before moving into the tenement.   Nasty landlords, on the other hand, go even further by including some harsh sanctions into the lease contracts. According to these harsh sanctions, except for not returning the tenancy deposit, lessees, who are not keen in house sterilising and tidying up, get another punishment – charges or taxes.

  In brief, removal sanitising for tenants comes as a procedure with its own consequences and a procedure, which allows the landlords to be bad and mean for the last time. See what exactly you have to do in the end of lease cleaning:

  • By all means, you will have to put in order the house. This means, you have to send the pieces of furniture back to their primary positions. This means also to eliminate the messy atmosphere in which you used to live till now. And this also means you have to arrange your landlord’s personal items in a proper and satisfying way. By satisfying, we mean his way and his favourite way!

  • Moving out sanitising is also a great disinfecting operation. No germs and no sign of bacteria should be observed during the property inspection. Bathroom should shine from cleanness and the kitchen worktop must be spotless! In the disinfecting part you should also include the degreasing chore and some dusting inside each of the premises.

  • Gloss over the damages you have done – stain removal, cosmetic repairs, broken item replacement and redecorating!

  • In general, the main goal in end of lease cleaning is to put the property into the condition of which you obtained it the very first time!
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