Interesting facts for the thrilling Halloween

Thrilling HalloweenHappy Halloween, people! As you must already know what date is today, we have gathered some amazing and interesting facts about the Halloween celebration! So, before going to grab your costume from the tailor, read the next curious information about the 31st of October – the day, when witches come alive and ghosts occupy houses.

  • Halloween celebration appears as one of the cultural traditions in Celts, who were one of the first settlers on today’s territory of Great Britain.Known also as Celtic festival of Samhain (Sah-ween), today’s commercial holiday of Halloween was actually the New Year of the Celtics. They used to believe that on this night people, who died during the year, go to the underworld.

  • Most people think that the ritual “Trick or Treat” comes from the American people’s representation of the Halloween holiday. However, it comes from the Celtics’ believes, too. Ancient inhabitants of Great Britain actually used to try to placate the ghosts, demons and witches with nuts and berries. Nuts were sacred for Celtic people.

  • One of the most popular superstitions about the Halloween is the ancient legend that people need to make bonfires in order to chase away the bad and negative energy. As a matter of fact, the UK Days – Mischief Night and Bonfire Night – are connected with this ritual, too.

  • The idea behind the Halloween costumes appears in Middle Ages. People believed that scary appearance may also help them to chase away the ghosts. In past, it was also known that every person with a frightful costume will be saved from the evil spirits, as well.

 Happy Halloween and have a great and unforgettable night!

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