If The Man Is Not Romantic – Then What?

Is your man romantic?Around the time of courtship and at the outset of the relationship men as part of the wholeness of man’s world, want to impress with gestures and words, and to be preferred to others. They do this by romance. They may not differ lily from tulip, but always come with flowers on a date. This does not make them insincere, but just males fighting for a female. As society has imposed the notion that the tender romance, gravitating around movies, music, all products and souvenirs, is exactly this way we “soften”. And so generations after generations superimpose expectations. Learn more:

  • In relationship we want men to be romantic. Here lies actually a slight nostalgia for the time of courtship, a postponement of the inevitable truth – falling in love goes, love (or routine) comes. And so we are often torturing poor man to be such as he is not – romantic. And again this is our delusion. Even the end of rental cleaners will agree with that.

  • Does that mean that if your husband is not romantic upon common standards, you will forever say goodbye to romance? Men like to be said directly – if we expect romantic gestures we must show a personal example of what we mean. If your husband is handy, a nice gift for St. Valentine is a set with nails. And the gift must have the most important quality – to be unexpected, but useful. If you think that he is not romantic, show him that you do not expect roses and red hearts. Give away things that you know he wants and likes and do things like that. This way he will understand that it’s actually easy to be romantic and that comes naturally inside you.

  • And if we disregard the notion of sweet romance, it may turn out that the man has the beginnings of romance – in his own way. All of a sudden he can make a gesture that is important to him, which allows you to be nearer to him – so there is still much to discover one over another. He can show somehow that he knows you better than you think – he will give away or say something that you didn’t suspected he was capable. And even for him – he is still romantic, just because he loves you. He can help you with the regular home cleaning. It will be nice, right?

Show your gratitude and joy when your man is romantic even in his own way!

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