“I don’t clean, cause my flat is small”

Small flat“My flat is small therefore I don’t have to clean it” – this is probably one of the worst things that you can do for yourself. Although you have a small flat and you don’t come home often, because you are working “eight days a week”, that is not a reason for you to cut that responsibility out and live like you don’t have a care in the world. Read all these good reasons for regular dusting:

  • Well, breaking news – you need to clean every living area and the carpets at least once a week! It is vital for your health, so don’t skip this duty and write it off the schedule. If you come home only to sleep and take a shower and eat something fast, you still have to clean, because dirt accumulates even if you don’t spend so much time in your accommodation.

  • Everything in your home accumulates dust. It is very important for your health not to sleep in a dusty environment. You can develop different kinds of allergies and wake up with various health problems one day.

  • If you don’t place things where they are supposed to be, and you just throw your dirty clothes on the floor, and you don’t wash your dishes, you might have problems with pests. Cockroaches and ants could take over your home, and they are quite difficult to remove. And if you knew how many diseases the roaches bring, you would start cleaning right away…

  • This environment can seriously depress you. It is bad not only for your physical health but also for your mental health – you need to live in a good environment where you really feel comfortable to come back and relax. It is very important to feel secure and have a self-esteem.

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