How to remove the mould – once and for all

Remove the mouldMould – surely everyone has had a “fight” with it a couple of times. When there is moisture, you can find mould – it’s just that simple. But it is not an ordinary problem to deal with. This is a kind of hidden enemy. Why? Because it’s dangerous – not only for the beauty of the house, but for your own health too.

Wet, dark and not enough ventilated places are perfect for these inferior organisms – that’s why they usually live in your bathroom, kitchen or basement. First, you notice the specific odour – it’s caused by harmful gases and toxins. Then some black spots appear.

They could provoke infections, allergies, poisoning and even cancer in a long period of time.

How to remove the mouldonce and for all? Firstly – think about what is the reason for the excessive moisture. For example:

  • flowers;

  • aquariums;

  • lack of ventilation;

  • dryers;

  • unheated spaces in winter ;

  • furniture, placed tightly to the walls;

  • problems with sinks or/and pipes.

Reduce their impact and see the result!

When you already have mould at home, you must do something. Nowadays, there are plenty of detergents and chemicals – you have a wide range of options.

In fact, ordinary bleach is very effective. The direct sunlight and dry air are also good helpers. Clean solid surfaces with alcohol and the stains on coloured fabrics – with hydrogen peroxide water (contained in most detergents against stains). When you are ready, get rid of all brushes and rags you’ve used.

You also could rely on Home cleaning services – it will save you a lot of your time.

Pay attention to the mould, even if you think it is a common and natural problem! As Kurt Vonnegut has said – “If people think nature is their friend, then they sure don’t need an enemy.”

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