How to protect your Laminate flooring

Laminate flooringProtection at home should be put on pedestal and preferred more than repairs and constructive project, which are handled once the problem is already on display.

It is cheaper and wiser to have everything at home in order and to perform the maintenance properly, so you will not have to pay extra later or even worse – to redo things such as painting, furnishing or even flooring.

When it comes to floor protection, the main thing you should keep in mind is the type of your home flooring. The following tips and recommendations for floor maintenance are linked to laminate flooring.

See how to protect your laminate flooring and start taking care of it wisely:

  • Protect the laminate floor from furniture – as a matter of fact, furniture can easily and quickly ruin a brand new flooring. To avoid scratches or damages from the weight and pressure of heavy or sharp furniture such as sofas, tables and upholstery, attach pad to their bottoms

  • Be attentive to the movements, performed on the laminate flooring. Here we are speaking of furniture again, because tiptoeing isn’t what we mean for laminate protection. When you move furniture, never drag them on the floor surface, but lift them – if you have to, use some help for this action!

  • Layout some carpets or rugs – this is the best protection for laminate flooring, especially on the high traffic areas. Let’s face it – carpet cleaning is much easier and cheaper than changing the entire laminate flooring! By the way, it could be a good idea to place some welcoming mats on the doorway, because this is the area, where dirtiness and damages on the laminate are at most.

  • Regular sanitising – as any other part of your domestic environment, the laminate flooring requires some disinfecting and washing, too. The most harmless way to sanitise the laminate surface is by using white vinegar and a damp cloth. Of course, once in a while, you can make some more sophisticate purge and wipe the laminate flooring with commercial detergents for floor refreshment and better results.

Last, but not least keep the nails of your lovely pet always trimmed! Thus, the most common reason for scratches on laminate will be handled.

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