How to make the bedroom our favorite room

Bedroom preparationEveryone spends up to one third of their lives in the bedroom. That’s where we sleep, relax and spend time with the person we love.

With only a few simple tricks, we can make our bedroom cozier and improve the quality of our sleep.

Find the best spot where you are going to position your bed. According to Feng Shui rules, the bed should not be facing the door.

As well, its back needs to be placed next to the wall and there should be enough space for someone to pass next to it both sides.

Get inspired and go shopping! Choose sheets and bed cover in bright colors and funny designs. Make your bedroom shine with color, that way it will lighten up your mood every time you go in.

Air the bedroom before you go to sleep. The temperature should not be very high, as people sleep better when the room is cool, not hot.

Forget about putting a TV in the bedroom. Leave the laptop and the mobile phone in the living room, too. Let that room be your safe spot, the place where you are alone with your thoughts.

Paint the bedroom in your favorite colors. Choose the furniture you like. Put a nice and soft rug on the floor and surround yourself with the pictures of all the people you love.

Choose a good mattress. Do not try to save money on that, your health depends on that, as well as your good sleep.

Light up a candle. Choose a soothing aroma – jasmine, chamomile, lavender. Or just a favorite one – chocolate, vanilla – whatever helps you to relax and calm down. Go to bed and say Goodbye to the old day, wishing for an even better tomorrow!

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