How to keep the elegant black or dark carpet clean and fresh

Dark carpet cleaning and  maintainingCarpets in black or dark nuance look really gorgeous on the floor area at home! They bring in an extremely fascinating touch into home interior design. In fact, this is a different, original and really intriguing interior design. Carpets are usually white – when owners accept beauty as more important than practicality and hygiene – or beige and brown, when they want to avoid the visibility of stains, dirtiness and dust!

You may think that having a black carpet is easier and simpler to be maintained and cleaned! Though, this is a myth you should forget about in case you have or you are about to have a stunning black carpet at home! Cleaning a carpet in a black or dark palette is a very special household chore! Plus – maintaining the elegant view of the black is even more peculiar! See how to keep clean and fresh the elegant black or dark carpet at home:

  • Black carpets do attract grime and dust! Plus, this attraction is even worse and more baneful! Any kind of mark, stain or filth can be easily spotted on a black carpet! So, make sure you take the important preventive measures such as mats and Scotchgard protector!

  • Use rubber gloves to reduce the pet hairs! A black carpet and a white cat may be a disaster for your home environment! Though, you can also buy a specially tailored brush that will help you in sanitising the carpet!

  • Don’t use whitening detergents in black carpet cleaning! You may perfectly reduce the dirtiness on it, but eventually the carpet will become anything else, but not black or bright! Avoid ammonia, bleach and borax, too! When it comes to natural carpet disinfecting solutions for black nuances, the best choice is white vinegar! Lemon juice can also whiten your carpet! You do use lemon for whitening your face, don’t you? Well, the same effect may be caused to the black carpet, too!

  • Find some professional services that offer options for colouring carpets! Instead of professional carpet cleaning, you can dye the carpet once in a while in order to refresh it!

We hope that our tips will help you to take better care for your stylish black carpets. Is that right?

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