How to get your dream job

How to get your dream jobDo you want new, more interesting and well-paid job? If yes, you know – you can’t get it, if you don’t apply for it. So this is your first step. Gather your thoughts, powers and documents… and go ahead!

Nowadays, looking for work is mostly in specialised Internet sites. For example – browse in the world’s largest professional network – LinkedIn. You may find there something suitable for you and through the contacts that you have created. It’s worth to take a look.

Each employer has specific requirements in his ad for the job. The goal is to find a person who meets these requirements exactly. So very carefully read the advert and decide whether to apply for the position. Think – do you have the required qualifications? If one of the requirements is a mastery of a foreign language – give yourself a reply to the question: Can you use it in a real situation in conversations and correspondence? Are you sure of yourself?

  • Prepare your documents thoroughly. About the curriculum vitae (the so-called CV), we advise you to stick to common European format. You may find a form on the Internet. Don’t neglect your cover letter. It is decisive for the selection of staff. So if the ad requests CV and a cover letter, send them both. The cover letter usually begins like this: “I am writing to apply for the position of… published on the site … as it drew my interest.” After that avoid using of templates. Even if your letter is short, it is good that it reveals your motivation. Be yourself so you will really impress your future employer;

  • The first interview – if they approve your documents, they will invite you to the first interview. Usually it is held by recruitment specialist. Prepare well so as it will maximise your chances of success. Your look is of great importance. You like your home to be clean and tidy? And you surely don’t miss domestic refreshing.  So you have to be clean and tidy, too. It certainly makes a good impression. Choose relatively simple clothing as possible using some accessory to accent. Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone!  Behave in a natural way. Be friendly, smiling and honest;

  • If they approve you of the first interview, you will probably have a second one with your immediate manager. He/she will possibly put you in a hypothetical situation so he/she could see how you think and react. Then, wait for a call. We wish you good luck!

And finally – be ready to lose! It’s not so bad if they don’t approve you for a certain job. Load up with optimism and continue searching! A person is as big as his dreams. You know that, right? Perhaps the ideal job is quite near!

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