How to eliminate the smell of burned food?

How to eliminate the smell of burned foodLet’s confess it: everyone has done it at least once: milk, meat or cereal has gone to the garbage right from the stove. But was it completely? No matter how hard you try to cover your traces, there are marks behind and sometimes it “whispers” treacherously to your nose that cooking is not your craft. Of course, you shouldn’t let the smell of burned meal to give you up from the mastering of the kitchen. Here are some tricks to remove the smell and to continue the brave tries:

  1. Start with simple cleaning the evidence. Just clean it carefully, completely and as fast as possible. Take it out or it will sneak out of the bin. Than open the windows and let the leftovers to get out too.

  2. Fake baker. Sometimes no matter how hard you try there is residual smell in the oven that sticks to everything you bake after the fiasco. You can remove it by replacing it with nice one. Put cinnamon, sugar and a spoon of butter on a cookie sheet over an aluminium foil and put it in preheated oven (around 100 C) for 2 to 4 hours (before putting it in turn off the oven).

  3. Refresh the atmosphere. Although not always, this trick works in minor accidents: aerosols at help. Choose a smell that you like and spray around the house (Glade, Febreeze, Lysol, etc). After this your home will smell just like the carpet cleaning specialists has just left. Anyway be careful with the quantity you spray, overdoing can cause equal harm.

  4. Citrus fresh. This method requires water and lemons. Put a pot of water on the stove till it boils. Take it off and put a lemon or two cut on slices inside. Leave the vapors for 30 minutes to freshen up your home.

  5. Onion without tears. This is kind of unusual method because most people don’t like the smell of onions outside of meal but they have the ability to absorb odors. You can even use this during your regular cleaning if you don’t mind the onions. Cut up the onion in slices or pieces and put it in cold water or you will neutralise the effect. Put it in the center of the room (kitchen, hall, etc.) and let it stay for the night or for a day. You can use the same recipe by replacing the onion with baking soda.

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